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This is a private records collection of The Beatles. The owner of this collection is sure that this site will provide lots of useful information for people interested in collecting of Beatles vinyl. Information - is the main purpose of the site, however some things will be released for sale. All rights reserved copying, broadcasting and the publication of materials from this site is possible from the sanction of the owner of the site only. The collection will be always updated.

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Rubber Soul, Parlophone, PMC 1267.

Published July 16th, 2011

Rubber Soul, Parlophone, PMC 1267, December 3, 1965, mono. Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd. or Ernest J.Day & Co. front laminated flipback cover.

1.First “Loud Cut” pressing. December 3, 1965. “Loud Cut” matrces: XEX 579-1 & XEX 580-1. When “Rubber Soul” was initially mixed it was slightly different to how we hear it today. These early mixes only ever appeared in mono and are distinguished by the matrix numbers XEX 579-1 / XEX 580-1 in the deadwax. It’s argued that these early presses were unbalanced with a muddy bass and with an edgy, aggressive vocal sound. Since these copies seemed to lack body the decision was made to halt production whilst the mother platess were re-cut. Black label with yellow logo and silver print. “The Gramophone Co. Ltd.” printed at the start perimeter print and “Sold in U.K. subject…” text. Tracing-paper-lined “Use Emitex” die-cut inner sleeve. With or without KT tax code on the label. “Loud Cut” copies can be found with both Times New Roman and Sans-serif label types, although Sans-serif is the more common and is likely to have continued production along with the Times New Roman issues.

Variation A. These are the early Sans-serif labels that tended to adorn the earlier “Loud Cut” copies of the album. Their distinguishing feature is that the * credit indicator on these labels are spaced away from the song title.

Variation B. At some point early on in the “Rubber Soul” pressing run, a Times New Roman font typeset was added to the label printing machines. It’s with this style that we find later “Loud Cut” presses (as determined by the stampers), almost all the transition presses of XEX 579-1 / XEX 580-4 or XEX 579-4 / XEX 580-1.

2. Second pressing, 1966 until 1969. The Second pressing of “Rubber Soul” has the “normal” cut  matrixes: XEX 579-4 / XEX 580-4 and XEX 579-5 / XEX 580-5. Both combinations of these matrices have two types of labels.

Variation A. Earlier labels of the second pressings were Time New Roman type. It’s with this style that we find later “Loud Cut” pressings, almost all the early standard pressings XEX 579-4 / XEX 580-4.

Variation A-1. This vinyl was pressed on the EMI on old machines press. IT’S NOT CBS PRESSING as many people think! THIS IS EMI PRESSING! To date only three Beatles albums have been found in this variation and they’re A Hard Day’s Night, Rubber Soul and Revolver. The label has the old tax code MT on side 2.

Variation A-2. Standard TNR label.

Variation B. At some later, Time New Roman has been changed to Sans-sherif type. The matrix number printed on the label is now misaligned to the datestamp, being too far on the left. It’s with this style that we find almost all the later standard pressings XEX 579-5 / XEX 580-5. This version has a label with an misprint, an extra dot in “IN.U.K.” on the side 1. Therefore, we date this label to 1968. Matrix numbers: XEX 579-5 / XEX 580-5.

Photos submitted by Anatoly Simakov.

3. Third pressing, summer 1969 until November 1969. Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd. front laminated cover. Black label with yellow logo and silver print. “The Gramophone Co. Ltd.” printed at the start perimeter print. Plaine white or sepia “LP advertising” inner sleeve. Without tax code. Matrix numbers: Side 1: XEX 579-5; Side 2: XEX 580-5.

4. Fourh pressing, summer 1981 until August 1982. Black label with yellow Parlophone logo and silver print. “ALL RIGHTS OF THE PRODUCER…” printed at the start perimeter print. Importantly, around the 7 ‘o’ clock position in the rimtext the wording is: “…UNAUTHORISED PUBLIC PERFORMANCE, BROADCASTING, COPYING AND HIRING…”. “MANUFACTURED IN THE UK BY EMI RECORDS LIMITED” text at the end of the perimeter print. Unlaminated outer sleeve. White paper standard EMI inner sleeve. Matrix numbers: Side 1: XEX 579-5 (or -6); Side 2: XEX 580-5.


5. Fifth pressing, Remastered, Parlophone 5099963380316, released September 8, 2014. The album was reissued on 180g vinyl, prepared from the original analogue mono master tapes. Album included in “The Beatles In Mono” box. Cover is replicat from the original Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd. three-flaps sleeve. Vinyl pressed by Optimal Media GmbH, Germany.

Advertising flyer. Insert with mastering notes, updated copyright and publishing details, and advertising for Cirque Du Soleil’s “Love” show.

Matrix number variations:

Side 1: 6338031 BD14114-01 A1 N N.S. VIE / Side 2: 6338031 BD14114-01 B1 K i…i Side 1: 6338031 Ɩट BD14114-01 A₁ N.S. IV / Side 2: 6338031 BD14114-01 B₁ ƎI┴ K i…i

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