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This is a private records collection of The Beatles. The owner of this collection is sure that this site will provide lots of useful information for people interested in collecting of Beatles vinyl. Information - is the main purpose of the site, however some things will be released for sale. All rights reserved copying, broadcasting and the publication of materials from this site is possible from the sanction of the owner of the site only. The collection will be always updated.

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Yellow Submarine Songtrack, Apple 7243 5 21481 1 0.

Published December 13th, 2016

First pressing, release: September 13, 1999. When Yellow Submarine was first released in January 1969, coinciding with the animated cartoon film, the only Beatles tracks were on side one. Side two was devoted entirely to George Martin’s musical score for movie. Thirty years later it was decided to restore the film, digitalising the soundtrack in the process, and songtrack album is a result of that remastering. Released in 1999, it was the first collection of Beatles songs to get a digital remix, but more significantly it dispensed with the film score that had appeared on side two and included instead most of the other songs featured in the film that hadn’t appeared on the earlier LP.

Gatefold sleeve:

First issue has a gatefold sleeve with credits at nine lines on the back side. The very first pressings of sleeve carry a credit ”Sleeve design by Fiona Andreanelli @ Apple Corps. Ltd”. The credit was deleted from later pressing. Four credits carry are very small copyright symbols. Copyright of EMI was marked by symbol ℗. The other three copyrights was marked by symbols ©.

Barcode has the catalog number with the intervals between the numerals: 7243 5 21481 1 0. The Apple logo appears as dark green-yellow apple.

The very first records were pressed on yellow vinyl. Standard black vinyl pressing was also issued a bit later. Matrix numbers: Side 1: 521481 1 A-1-1-1; Side 2: 521481 1 B-1-1-1.

Yellow vinyl:

Black vinyl:

Second pressing, 2000. Gatefold sleeve with credits at eight lines on the back side. ”Sleeve design by Fiona Andreanelli @ Apple Corps. Ltd” was deleted. All copyrights was marked by big symbols ©.

Barcode has the catalog number without the intervals between the numerals: 724352148110. The Apple logo appears as light green apple.

Black vinyl only. Same labels and same matrix numbers: Side 1: 521481 1 A-1-1-1; Side 2: 521481 1 B-1-1-1.

The Beatles Tapes from the David Wigg Interviews, Polydor 2683 068.

Published December 9th, 2016

Release July 30, 1976. “The Beatles Tapes From the David Wigg Interviews”, is an audio album of interviews with the band and journalist David Wigg, who interviewed the individual Beatles at various points from December 1968 or January 1969 to December 1973, and excerpts from some of these recordings constitute the album’s spoken words. Although he was a columnist; ‘Young London’ for the London newspaper The Evening News, the interviews were intended for broadcast on Radio 1’s ‘Scene and Heard. Interspersed among the interview excerpts are instrumental performances of Beatles songs, played by other musicians. The Beatles tried to prevent the album’s publication, but it was released in the United Kingdom on 1976 under the Polydor label.

Double album, includes a front laminated black gatefold sleeve and six-pages booklet with various black & white photos 1963-75. Booklet stapled inside. Record housed in a plain white paper inner sleeves.

Records have a red labels with black Polydor logos. Matrix numbers: Side 1: 2478089 A//1 ▽ 420 03; Side 2: 2478089 B//1 ▽ 420 03; Side 3 : 2478090 A//1 ▽ 420 03/ Side 4: 2478090 B//1 ▽ 420 03.  Possible matrix numbers: Record 1: A//2, B//2; Record 2: A//2; A//3; A//4.