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Souvenir Of Their Visit To America, Vee-Jay VJEP 1-903.

Published February 15th, 2010

Souvenir Of Their Visit To America, Vee-Jay VJEP 1-903. March, 1964. Record has silver print an all black label with the brackets logo and two thick horizontal bars running through the label’s center hole. Record has the initials “URJ” and the matrix numbers are hand etched in the trail off areas along with the machine stamped Audio Matrix logo. This record was also manufactured by Southern Plastics. Record were issued in a colorfull cardboard sleeve.

Photos by Ed Brown

Anna / Ask Me Why, EPI-903 (DJ No.8).

Published February 15th, 2010

Anna / Ask Me Why, Vee-Jay, EPI-903 (DJ No.8). June, 1964. To further plug Ask Me Why, Vee-Jay issued and an extremely limited number of the later issue promotional records in a one-sided black and white title sleeve. As the decision was made to focus on a single song, the special EP sleeve featured only Ask Me Why and described the record as “an E.P. that is selling like a single … at single record prices”. The sleeve also has the phrase “Still Only #8 In Sales”. This title sleeve is one of the rarest and most valuable of all Beatles record sleeve.

Two of the songs on the EP, namely Anna and Ask Me Why, were paired on an extremely rare promotional single designated “Spec DJ No. 8”. The label for this record is similar to the blue and white promotional records for the EP and VJ-581 and VJ-587. Its trail off areas contain the “MR” logo, indicating that this record was manufactured by Monarch Records.

Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You, Tollie 9008 (DJ).

Published February 15th, 2010

Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You, Tollie 9008. April 27, 1964. The Beatles first British single  issued on Parlophone 45-R 4949 on October 5, 1962. Vee-Jay did not have a copy of the master of the Ringo on drums version of Love Me Do, so it issued Tollie 9008 with the Ron Richards – produced  recording with Ringo on tambourine that appeared on version one of its Introducing The Beatles. Although there are no confirmed promotional copies of the first Beatles single on Tollie, there are two distinct promotional copy label variations:

1. Label has thin block letters “TOLLIE” logo. It has all black print on a white label and the words “Promotional Copy” and “Not For Sale”. The trail off areas have the “MR” symbol, indicating that this record was pressed by Monarch Records.

2. Label has letters “Tollie” logo in box. It has black print on a white label with the words “Disc Jockey Advance Sample” and “NOT FOR SALE”. The trail off areas contain barely visible hand etched initials “RA” and master numbers, along with barely legible Audio Matrix and “ARP” logos. This promotional record was pressed by ARP.

Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You, Tollie 9008.

Published February 15th, 2010

Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You, Tollie 9008. April 27, 1964. Record has black print on a yellow label with “Tollie” thin letters logo. The MR symbol is machine stamped in the trail of areas, indicating that this record was pressed by Monarch Records.

The record’s picture sleeve features a painted color portrait of the group that faithfully duplicates a Dezo Hoffmann color photo. The attractive illustration was later used for the cover of the second issue of The Beatles & Frank Ifield On Stage. Although the picture sleeve may have been issued with all of the label variations.

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