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This is a private records collection of The Beatles. The owner of this collection is sure that this site will provide lots of useful information for people interested in collecting of Beatles vinyl. Information - is the main purpose of the site, however some things will be released for sale. All rights reserved copying, broadcasting and the publication of materials from this site is possible from the sanction of the owner of the site only. The collection will be always updated.

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From Then To You, Apple LYN 2153.

Published October 4th, 2011

From Then To You (The Beatles Fun Club Christmas Record 1970), December 18, 1970, mono. Although the Beatles Fun Club continued with its activities. With the group no longer in existence, there was no chance of issuing a new Christmas disc for the 1970 holiday season. Instead, Fun Club members received an exclusive long-playing album containing the Christmas messages from the 1963 through 1969 flexi-discs. Album designed by Joint Effort. Front laminated cover printed by West Brothers-Printers-Ltd. The records were housed in standard white paper EMI or Apple Records inner sleeves.

The records have dark green Apple label with an image of an apple on side 1 and sliced apple on side 2. Lavel have “An E.M.I. Recording” text on two lines and small “33 1/3″. The discs have Lyntone matrix numbers LYN. 2153 and LYN. 2154 and were not pressed by EMI Records.

Inner Sleeves.

Published October 3rd, 2011

1. Black inner sleeve with a die-cut circular opening on one side to expose the Apple label. These sleeves were most likely manufactured by Harrison & Sons. These inner sleeve used in 1968 and 1969.

2. Apple Records white plain paper inner sleeve with “IMPORTANT NOTICE COPYRIGHT EXISTS IN ALL APPLE RECORDINGS” text. These sleeves were manufactured by Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd and used between 1970 and 1973.

3. Standard EMI white plain inner sleeve with “PATENT NO 1.125.155.” on the left side and “MADE IN ENGLAND” on the right side. These inner sleeves used in first pressing of “Let It Be” in 1970.

In addition, Apple Records has used different types of inner sleeves from EMI, depending on the year of edition.

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