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The Beatles 1967-1970, Apple PCSP 718.

Published January 17th, 2013

The double album, The Beatles 1967-1970, compiles the remaining A sides of singles,  plus a further selection of album tracks issued during that period. The sleeve of this double album show two photographs, of The Beatles in the same pose taken eight years apart. The first is that used in 1963 for the Please Please Me album (back side), the second, taken in 1969, had been planned for the unreleased Get Back album (front side).  The Beatles 1967-1970 was issued in U.K. on 20 April 1973.

The album has a front and back laminated gatefold sleeve manufactured by Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd. The blue color of the album is associated with the color of FC Everton. The first edition had no producer George Martin’s or Phil Spector credits on the inside.

The Beatles 1967-1970 include colored inner sleeves with lyrics. First edition of The Beatles 1967-1970 has dark blue die-cut inner sleeves with the three corners cut.

1967-70 In11967-70 In2

1967-70 In31967-70 In4

However, can often find the inner sleeves with the two top corners cut.

1. First pressing, April 20, 1973. For the first pressing was used matte Apple labels on a dark blue background. Apple labels have “Mfd. in U.K.”, “An Apple Record”, “An EMI Recording” and “The Gramophone Company Limited” credits. Matrix numbers: Side One: YEX 909-1, Side Two: YEX 910-1, Side Three: YEX 911-1, Side Four: YEX 912-1. Other common combinations of matrix numbers: -1/-3/-3/-1/// -2/-2/-2/-1.

2. Second pressing, 1978 – 1980. Laminated Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd. outer sleeve has producer George Martin’s credit on the inside. Glossy labels have “Mfd. in U.K.”, “An Apple Record”, “An EMI Recording” and “The Gramophone Company Limited” credits. Possible combinations of matrix numbers: -4/-3/-2/-1/// -4/-3/-3/-1/// -3/-3/-2/-1/// -5/-5/-2/-3/// -6/-5/-2/-3.

Color edition of The Beatles 1967-1970 has the round sticker glued on front sleeve.

All variations of the second pressing have blue die-cut inner sleeves with four rounded corners.

Note! Black vinyl with the same labels and sleeves published in the same period.

3. Third pressing, 1980 – 1983. Third pressing has unlaminated Garrod & Lofthouse Ltd. outer sleeve with George Martin’s credits and the same labels as the second pressing. Possible combinations of matrix numbers: -6/-5/-5/-3///-6/-6/-2/-3/// -7/-6/-3/-3/// -9/-7/-7/-6.

Blue inner sleeves does not cut the corners.

4. Fourth pressing, 1983 – 1987. Unlaminated sleeve with bar code and “Sleeve printed in England Manufactured in England” text on the back side. Blue inner sleeves does not cut the corners. Traditional Apple label on a dark green background. The rimtext reached all the way around the labels. Importantly, around the 5 ‘o’ clock position in the rimtext the wording is: “UNAUTHORISED COPYING, HIRING, RENTING, PUBLIC PERFORMANCE AND BROADCASTING…”. Matrix numbers: Side One: YEX 909-9-1-2, Side Two: YEX 910-7-1-2, Side Three: YEX 911-7, Side Four: YEX 912-6-1-3.

1967-70 87D

5. Fofth pressing, 1993. Blue vinyl, digitally re-mastered edition. Catalog number PCSPP 718 (0777 7 97039 0). Unlaminated outer sleeve with round black and white sticker and blue inner sleeves. Complete with blue poster with some The Beatles photos. Matrix numbers: Side One: PCSPP 7181 A-01-01-1, Side Two: PCSPP 7181 B-2-01-1, Side Three: PCSPP 7182 A-01-01-1, Side Four: 7182 B-01-01-1.

Round sticker.

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