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This is a private records collection of The Beatles. The owner of this collection is sure that this site will provide lots of useful information for people interested in collecting of Beatles vinyl. Information - is the main purpose of the site, however some things will be released for sale. All rights reserved copying, broadcasting and the publication of materials from this site is possible from the sanction of the owner of the site only. The collection will be always updated.

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Introducing The Beatles, Vee-Jay VJLP 1062, Cover Variations (Version Two).

Published February 4th, 2011

Introducing The Beatles Vee-Jay VJLP-1062, Version 2, February 10, 1964. One of the three Beatles-related lowsuits involving Vee-Jay in January of 1964 involved the copyrights to two of the songs featured on Introducing The Beatles, namely Love Me Do and P.S. I Love You. In Beechwood Music, Inc. vs Vee-Jay Records, Inc., the New York federal District Court issued an injunction prohibiting Vee-Jay from producing or distributing any records containing the songs Love Me Do and P.S. I Love You. Although Vee-Jay appealed this decision, the company decided that it could eliminate its immediate problem with its Introducing The Beatles album by dropping the two songs from the album. These songs were replaced with Ask Me Why and Please Please Me. Vee-Jay prepared new covers for the revamped album, which is sometimes referred to as the “Please Please Me” version or the “Ask Me Why” version. The front cover of the album is the same as the Version One cover without “Printed In U.S.A.”. The back cover is identical to the Titles On Back variation of Version One, except for the substitution of the titles of replacement songs. The standard mono cover for Version Two is the most common of all Introdusing The Beatles covers. There are two slight variations of the back cover: lists “PLEASE PLEASE ME” without a comma and lists “PLEASE, PLEASE ME” with a comma.

The Version Two stereo cover is essentially the same as the Titles On Back Version One stereo cover without “Printed In U.S.A.”, except for the substitution of the titles of replacement songs. The cover has a white top banner with “STEREOPHONIC” centered in grey and the number SR 1062 in black in the upper right hand corner. There are one variation of the back cover, lists “PLEASE, PLEASE ME” with a comma.

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